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A harmonious blend of sea, nature and well-being.

Welcome to Panorama, an oasis of calm immersed in the timeless beauty of Castelsardo, on the splendid island of Sardinia. Each apartment has been designed to offer a spectacular sea view. You can relax in the panoramic pool, enjoy the sea breeze on the sun terrace, or enjoy moments of pure pleasure in the Jacuzzi. The penthouses will astound you with their large terraces, while the ground floor units offer a private garden, a natural space just for you. Panorama is the perfect combination of luxury, sea and well-being.


Energy class A for the utmost energy efficiency.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance
of Panorama living in Sardinia

Residenza Mazzini, Riccione, Bilocali,Trilocali, Attico di Prestigio
Panorama Sardegna, appartamento Castelsardo

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Cosy, bright and comfortable rooms.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of each home, where style meets functionality, and comfort embraces every corner. The comfortable and elegant spaces welcome you with taste, but it is the light and the spaciousness that add a touch of magic. The large windows offer breath-taking views of the sea, creating a perfect connection between indoors and outdoors. Every single detail has been studied with love and attention, rendering each living space unique. Feel the energy that flows through the rooms and let yourself be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you. This is the experience of living in an atmosphere that is an elegant balance of light, space and panorama.

Panorama Sardegna, appartamento Castelsardo

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Residenza Mazzini, Riccione, Bilocali,Trilocali, Attico di Prestigio
Panorama Sardegna, appartamento Castelsardo


Outdoor living

Discover the fascinating blend of internal and external space. The comfortable verandas allow you to enjoy the comfort of a cosy home without renouncing the pleasure of open spaces. The private gardens offer you breath-taking views, serving as the ideal location for regenerating mind and soul. Here internal and external space comes together in perfect equilibrium, creating a harmonious environment. Every moment spent here is an invitation to dive into the surrounding natural beauty. Enjoy the experience of combining the comfort of your refuge with the joy of exploring and admiring the external spaces. A magical connection between living and the wonderful panoramic views.

Panorama Sardegna, appartamento vacanze Castelsardo

When dreams and reality begin

A preview of Panorama through a virtual tour

that will lead you on an exploration of the internal and external spaces of your future home.

Begin your journey now and let yourself be amazed.

A special, cosy and comfortable place



Elegant settings for relaxation and

comfortable living.

Panorama focuses on physical and mental well-being, raising it to new standards and making it a daily feature, thanks to the wonderful attention to detail.


A land waiting to be explored


A blend of reality and enchantment.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Castelsardo, a point of excellence in Sardinia and considered one of “the most beautiful villages in Italy”, having earned the prestigious European “Blue Flag” issued by the FEE and the “Blue Sails” from Legambiente. A promontory that rises proudly over the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Asinara and is crowned by its famous Medieval castle. Here, the historical village spreads out beneath the castle, with its majestic cathedral, its cobbled lanes, its artisan shops expressing thousands of years of history, its delightful restaurants that satisfy the most demanding of palates, the beaches lapped by the enchanting waters, and the port, embracing journeys and dreams. The location was even chosen recently as the setting for the new film “The Little Mermaid”. The beauty of Castelsardo is not restricted by the seasons; you can enjoy life here all year round and, after sunset, the air is filled with magic. Feel the emotion that fills the soul, as you lose yourself in the spectacular sunsets and let yourself drift into a world of enchantment. Castelsardo is an unforgettable experience, a place in which reality and enchantment blend together, creating a touch of magic that surrounds you, day after day.

Panorama Sardegna, appartamento vacanze Castelsardo

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Panorama Sardegna, appartamento vacanze Castelsardo
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